Marketing & advertising for financial services

Personal and tailored advertising strategies for each client's needs. Nordic based firm that operates across Europe.

Marketing & advertising for financial services

Personal and tailored advertising strategies for each client's needs. Nordic based firm that operates across Europe.

We are AdFin

AdFin is a digital marketing partner specialized in the finance industry that operates across the European market.

We advise clients with marketing strategies, advertising and content. Offering a wide range of digital marketing solutions, we strive for excellence in delivery.

Our team offers market intelligence and modern digital advertising solutions to help clients identify competitive advantages, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and attract clients.

Our services include:  

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Account-Based Marketing 
  • Strategic marketing for raising capital
  • Client Solutions


Our team of marketing professionals has been a valued resource for asset management, law firms, brokerage, financial services, and banking industries.
AdFin’s commitment to client success focuses on long-term guidance, and our aim is to be a trusted partner for years to come.

Alexander Pflücker

CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander has spent the past eight years in the media and auditing industry. Alexander was previously CFO for five years at the content agency Borg Owilli and has previous experience from BDO as a senior associate, advising clients within M&A, corporate finance, and corporate tax. Alexander holds an MSc in Law and a BSc in Business Administration from Stockholm University. 


Gabriel Neptune

Head of Sales & Co-Founder  

Gabriel has spent the past ten years working as a marketing professional, combined with advertising and sales. He has had clients in the fields of financial services, asset management, and corporate finance, as well as law firms. Gabriel was previously Head of Digital Media for 6 years at the content agency Borg Owilli. He also has experience as a Sales Manager in New York, where he helped to introduce Daniel Wellington to the American market.


Jonathan Furelid

Head of Content Marketing

Jonathan has spent the past 22 years in the finance industry, encompassing roles such as risk analyst, business developer, and investor relations specialist. After having spent 14 years on the hedge fund side, Jonathan left for a financial communication consulting firm, heading its Investor Relations activities. He has been a self-employed financial communications consultant for the past three years. Jonathan holds an MSc in Business Administration from Linköping University.

Dawid Jernström

Operations Manager

Dawid has previously worked in media for ten years. Both as an independent web designer and technical consultant, but later also at Borg Owilli as an account manager with clients mainly in corporate finance and law. He has for the past four years worked in finance and accounting while studying Law at Stockholm University and also being engaged in multiple governing as well as  advisory boards primarily in law-related firms and associations.


Sebastian Hermelin

Partner & Client Manager

Sebastian has spent the past eight years running his own company War On Cancer as co-founder and CEO – the world’s third largest patient-community that worked with the global pharmaceutical industry. Prior to this he worked as a Client Specialist at Macrobond, London, where he had both an advisory- and sales role towards hedge-funds, asset managers and banks. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Andrea Klint

Programmatic Media Manager

Andrea has six years of experience on the publisher side with a focus on display and campaign management. She has previously worked in ad operations at and Pet Media Group. Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and communication from Linköping University.


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